Friday, January 28, 2011

When Will You Come Back

Unopened gifts... to you from me
A silent phone... waiting for your call
Closed door... hoping that you knock

An empty chair... useless without you
Unsung song... waiting for your laughter
Alone in the rain... longing for your embrace
Lonesome in the dark... wishing you were back!

When... When will you,...
open my gifts with delight,
dial the phone to give me a call,
knock and see me waiting by my door,
sit on the chair with me by the cozy fire,
sing our song as i play my guitar,
laugh at the jokes i crack,
embrace me and keep me warm in the rain,
brighten the gloomy nights as we watch the fading moonlight?

Please, please come back soon...
and make this life of mine worth living one..

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