Friday, January 28, 2011

Its Still You...

Though i have found someone new
all this time, i wish it was you...

The thing is im not your type
i wish i could be the one you truly love
then i can be your angel sent from above
we may not be the one i wanted us to be
but i do believe God created you for me!
its too sad to think that you can never be mine
i wish i could just act it out like a mime...

You're owned by someone else now
my wishes shall end up with a bow
hoping that you'll always smile my way
surely you'll brighten up my day.

Loving you is all that i have done
but damn, now you're gone...

Everything should have been meant to be
until my good friend came to me...
its what your lips had said,
shit! im half dead when i heard you say "ITS TRUE".
damn baby, cause its still you...

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