Friday, February 11, 2011

Regine Velasquez - The Diva, The Icon, The Asia's Songbird (part2)

Eto na ang pangalawang parte ng aking blog tungkol kay Regine Velasquez. Sa unang parte ng blog ko ay ipinakita ko kung paano pinuri at hinangaan ng mga sikat at tanyag na international composers at stars ang talento ni Regine sa pag-awit. Sa pangalawang parte ng blog ko ay ipapakita ko naman ang mga opinyon at saloobin ng mga iba't-ibang entities mula sa mundo ng politika, fashion, at marami pang iba.

Una sa listahan ngayon ay ang isa sa pinakamakapangyarihang tao sa Inglatera. Ano naman kaya ang masasabi niya sa nagiisang Sonbird ng Asya?

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1. Prince Charles. Prince of Wales

(During his visit to Malacanang) Regine was the only one who sang for the prince on the invitation of former First Lady Ming Ramos. Regine sang "On a Clear Day," "You'll Never Know," "Sana Maulit Muli" and a Barbra Streisand medley.

The prince talked to her after singing and he said, "You did very well."

Ano naman ang mga nasabi ng mga CREDIBLE at nirerespetong mga pahayagan sa Asya at sa Pilipinas tungkol kay Regine?

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1. Asian Journal 

"A rare breed of singer with strong lungs & well trained breathing...a certain kind of vocal resonance and proficiency...

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2. Philippine Daily Inquirer
“This gifted songbird has proven time and again that she is a versatile performer and interpreter of songs in diverse styles from the kundiman inspired to love songs, she has shown depth and has displayed her powerful range. Regine is undoubtedly a great chanteuse who has deepened her vocal interpretations with the RIGHT EMOTIONS.”

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3. Manila Bulletin                                           

"Most of our top selling new female singers are still and mere parrots of her in terms of vocal acrobatics and predilection to show off her high range."

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4. The Philippine Star                                     

"Regine has always turned out mesmerizing , jaw dropping performances here and abroad"


5. Gov. Vilma Santos, Politician

She was interviewed and was asked who her favorite singer is, she only answered one... Regine Velasquez


6.  Cong. Lucy Torres Gomez  and Richard Gomez, Politician/Actor

The never missed a regine concert.

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7. Teodoro "Teddyman" Benigno, Award Winning Journalist  and Sen. Joker Arroyo

"The singing at the ULTRA was great, the cast of singers wonderful, but mine eyes largely lighted on Regine Velasquez, Verni Varga and Rico J. Puno. At one time, when Regine was on in a slinky, figure-hugging, bare-shouldered black dress, Miriam Defensor Santiago winked at Joker (Arroyo) and myself and said: "I bet both of you have lascivious thoughts." No, I have absolutely no lascivious thoughts watching Regine Velasquez perform. Hearing her is hearing an extraordinary virtuoso belt out a song.The melody comes out like a flight of eagles when it does not stay in the air like mists around a mountain.

What also makes Regine stand out is a pristine youth and a pristine innocence even as she performs like an old-time pro.  But what vocal power this girl has! She holds a high note like Samson holding the pillars of a trembling building. You wonder where the powers come from for Regine is spare, with no heaving bosom like Mae West had heaving bosom.

8. Al Bell, Bellmark Records

Is she real? I mean, is Regine 'the person' real? Because looking at her photographs and listening to her voice I (get the feeling) she is."


9 .Rajo Laurel, Premiere Fashion Designer

" She is the one person that the term 'down to earth' was made for. Regine is a Phenomenon in terms of talent, yet she is real. Even if she has reached the apex of what a performer dreams to achieve in our entertainment industry, she has kept her feet on the ground."

10. Isah Red, Journalist/Editor of the entertainment section of Manila Standard Today

"Everybody calls her a song-bird. But I call her 'the' singer."


11. Bernardo Bernardo, Actor-Director

"Tremendous talent! As a performer, she still the sweet and unassuming lady I met in 1985, the 'munting dalagita na Balagtas, Bulacan."


12. Jose Javier Reyes, Award Winning Film Director/Script Writer

"The truth is that I'm a fan of Regine..."


13.  Audie Gemora, Stage Actor/Director

"Regine is... just a wonderful performer. She's so sweet, unselfish, she's so... OK, what's the opposite of unselfish? She's a generous performer. I directed her recently at Ryan's 'Retrospective' and walang ka-star-star 'yang batang 'yan. She's absolutely giving and of course, the voice is a miracle." Nonon Padilla (stage director; he directed "Noli Me Tangere" where Regine played Maria Clara): "She's great, her voice is just wonderful. She has the voice for the theater - which is unusual because now the talents that you get have tiny voices, they don't have voices that project well onstage. (In) this musical, it's not so difficult because we use mics, but with (Regine) even without mics, she can be heard (in the whole theater)."

14. Richard Roxas, Columnist

She's clearly the Diva for the New Millennium! Forget the overstated 'Song Goddess of Asia' tag. Diva of the New Millennium is it!"

15. Leah Gatdula, Music Journalist/ABS-CBN PR Team
"Her vocal power remains unmatched by any local performer or even another Asian artist. I saw Coco Lee perform live in Hong Kong for the launch of her debut album but Regine is a far better performer than the Chinese-American singer. When Regine sings she does not only entertain, she captivates and enthralls the audience and leaves them in awe."

16. Shirley Pizarro, Journalist

"Regine is a local talent with a world-class caliber. Given the right break, she could easily give other female international musical artists a run for their money because she definitely sings better than most of them."

17. Star Studio

"Regine has learned to control her powerful voice to be able to interpret songs that require sensitivity and vocal artistry."

Oh diba? Ibang klase talaga ang hatak ni Regine Velasquez! Hindi pa dito nagtatapos ang lahat... Abangan ang pangatlong blog ko tungkol dito... Ano naman kaya ang tingin ng mga kapwa OPM artists?! ABANGAN!


  1. I love this one! =) Im forever Regine fan and I'm so proud that I have chosen her to be my idol. She's really amazing =)


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