Friday, June 10, 2011

Philippines, a Finalist in the New 7 Wonders of Nature

As of this very moment, while doing this blog entry. There are only

154 days

10 hours
Left to Vote until 11.11.2011
Instead of burning you time over Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking sites; flirting with your fling, chatting with your boyfriend or girlfriend, much worst...STALKING someone you like.

Use your time in helping your COUNTRY win something worth winning...

One of our country's prime tourist destination in Palawan islands is one of the 28 FINALISTS for the NEW 7 WONDERS OF NATURE. Below is the list of the 28 Finalist: 

The UNDERGROUND RIVER in PALAWAN is pitted against such worthy opponents (if we can call such) with the likes of the Grand Canyon in USA, The Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the famous islands of Maldives. Let us help change the negative connotation that the Philippines is not a safe place to travel. Winning one of the spots in the New 7 Wonders of Nature will surely help the TOURISM industry of the country. If this happens, more influx of tourists will visit the country... As Dick Gordon once said, "TOURISM MEANS JOB". We are not only helping the Tourism industry, but we are also helping the Economy... Anyway, back to the main topic here. 
Below is the Page dedicated to the Phillippines:

So What are you guys waiting for? VOTE NOW!!!

Here is the link: