Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine Story #2

This second short story I made depicts a dilemma in which everyone can relate to. Which do you love most? Career or yourself? What to choose? My inspiration for this story is from my all time favorite novel, "Eleven Minutes" by Paulo Coelho... Hope you guys enjoy it!

                                                        photo from: emesekoller.wordpress.com

A young woman grew up in an environment wherein his father, brothers and uncles molests and rapes her as if she was a sex toy. Everyday, for several years... She was helpless, she felt disgusted, she hated herself for doing nothing... for keeping it a secret.... for being quiet... for allowing it to happen...

As a result of this, she initially became a prostitute, this was her source of income.

She had one client that despite her past and present life, accepted and loved her for what she really is. Her dilemma, will she stop being a prostitute and change for the better or will she stay and continue a life she is used to?

If you're in the same situation... what will you choose?


  1. hmm.. Paolo Coelho..
    I already read his "The Alchemist" and I've heard that that eleven minutes is a nice book too..

    Sana makahiram ako ng book na yan soo.. ;)