Friday, January 28, 2011

I Never Knew How Much You Mean To ME...

My heart felt like a ship sinking to the sea
coz i let go of someone so dear to me
tears rolled down my cheeks seeing a picture of you and me
my mouth could only say your name silently

My heart aches whenever i see you with someone else
coz i remember the memories of us together
But seeing you happy with someone new
I felt devastated coz i never saw you as happy as ever

I sat on the roof, staring at the stars shining at night
i remembered the times you were with me
i smiled but tears rolled from my eyes
coz i never told you i love you dearly

I dont know what to do coz i was hurt when i lost you
you left me with a broken heart
now my dreams are shattered into pieces, i blame myself for everything!

I sat down and started to think that all these years you've been looking at me so lovingly
but the sad thing about it was that i never did see coz i never knew how much you mean to me...

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