Friday, January 28, 2011

Love is...

Love is a CONTRADICTION... you may love whoever you want to but not all of them will love you the way you do!!!

Love is a BIG RISK... you'll give your all; your heart, body and soul, you may even go against your principle but will that person be willing to sacrifice all for you?!?

Love is MELLOW DRAMATIC... it's like watching prime time "telenovelas" in television or for some, it's like reading a "Novel" and the main theme: love, hatred and betrayal! it sounds silly, but hey... who doesn't experience such bad days anyway?!

Love is CYCLICAL... it's a "Wheel of Fortune", it's not always a happy ending for everybody (breaking up-together again-breaking up) but for some... its the best thing that ever happened in their lives!!!

Love is a GAME... it's supposed to be about fairness, trust and honesty but that's not always the case! There are people who love just for the sake of playing around, it gives them thrill and excitement and even disregards your feelings! damn asses! lol!!!

But what heck?!!! Love maybe contradictory, a risk, mellow dramatic, cyclical and even a game! We just need to remember that LOVE is also what gives us the feeling of contentment wherein the scenario is... we sit and look back with our lives... thinking... feeling... that you wouldn't and couldn't ask for more!!! FOR AS LONG AS THAT PERSON IS IN YOUR PRESENCE, THAT IS WHAT MATTERS!

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