Thursday, February 17, 2011

What Viktor Frankl made me Realize

"Man is by virtue of the self-transcendent quality of the human reality basically concerned with reaching out beyond himself, be it toward a meaning to fulfill, or toward another human being to lovingly encounter."

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Or simply that being human is relating to something rather than oneself. How can this be done? By exercising our freedom! So does this mean that Frankl and Sartre have the same perspective? In some aspects but what lacks in Sartre’s perspective is when he disregarded human freedom and faith together. As I said awhile ago, I somehow belief in Sartre right? But I also mentioned that something is lacking… and I think this is it, that my freedom is finite freedom which tells me that I am not Godlike and that I am not free from conditions. Now I know… that even though I am free to do things I want for myself, I should remember that my freedom is predetermined. Viktor Frankl also maintained that man is capable of discovering himself and life's meaning through suffering and experience.

I think Frankl wants to say that, the will-to-meaning enables man to find the reason to live. There are critical moments in a man's life when all the traditional reasons why he should live are taken away one after another, and he is made to wait for death, which would terminate a life without meaning. I somehow disagree because for me, everything can be taken from man but one thing and that is the last of human freedoms which is to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances and to choose one's own way. For me, this is what it should be!

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