Thursday, February 17, 2011

Everyone's Allegory of the Cave (Inspired by Plato)


 I believe that in every one of us, there is a unique rare individual that will try to break out of their small little box or shell and with this starts a long, labyrinthine journey wherein this person will tend to discover a higher realm of reality and intellect and realize in the end the true meaning of his/her existence. For me, a person such as this is highly the paramount entity to govern the society. The knowledge of this person is not limited compared to the others but rather this person holds worthwhile knowledge that is ultimately important in life. Because of such uniqueness, this person might be misunderstood and misapprehended by those people who think different from him, by those people below the knowledge that this person has, by those people who are ordinary and have not yet come out of their own little caves. These ordinary people are not seeing reality or in other words they are rejecting what is real but instead they choose to believe and accept what they only know which is just shadowy representation of what is real. I recognized the idea that there is a very important aspect in this life which is that there are unseen and concealed truths behind or lying under the visible surface of things which only these unique, rare and enlightened individuals can only take hold of. Another realization that I have come about is the importance of education; the process of how that rare and unique individual came out of the cave is a process of education. Education is not a manner and means of laying knowledge into unfilled minds but rather of making people realize that which they already know or in other words truth is long been embedded in our minds!!! We just need to tap in enlightenment to achieve such!
Everyone's allegory of the cave can be resembled with a movie house wherein the movie projector will be the fire, the film or the negatives supplants the objects which radiates the shadows, the projected movie or the movie itself will be the shadows on the cave wall, and most of all the echo in the cave will be the loudspeakers or the sounds that surrounds the movie theater.  

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