Wednesday, February 16, 2011

“The Rise of the Masses, The Fall of the Elites”

Since I have been blogging about music, food, love for the past few days... Now, I thought of blogging about my first love which is Politics... Philippine politics per se as the focal point... anyway, for this blog I would like to discuss about Marx ideology on the role of masses and elites in a certain nation. I remember writing about this when I was still in College. So here it is:

The ouster of former President Ferdinand E. Marcos and Joseph Ejercito Estrada by people power or known as Edsa I & II are manifestations on the idea that a class struggle will be successful mainly because elite capitalism has become far too unstable due to the increasingly powerful masses. It is evident, that Filipino masses increase in their numbers due to a creation of industry which led smaller businesses and low wage workers joining each other in equality and without difference. What made them more powerful is the fact that these people are aided by newfound industrial and political education, the increasingly stronger working class forms the majority of the population that is necessary for a successful political movement. Here in the country, the rise of the masses is seen through out the years, most especially seen and felt during the Marcos regime. Along with this, the fall of the elites and the consequent win of the masses is inevitable. During the 1998 elections, Joseph Estrada ran for the Presidency of the Philippines and he won landslide even if he was against a powerful foe named Jose de Venecia who has a machinery throughout the archipelago. What made Erap win? It is because of his tagline which is “Erap para sa Mahirap”. He portrayed himself as being one with the masses; he depicted an image that is marketable to the masses. The masses believed it, they supported and voted for him because they thought that Erap was the savior and the protector of the mass interests. Months after he took seat from office, different issues lambasted his administration. Issues such as graft and corruption, abuse of power or any typical elitist concern. The Philippine economy was in shambles, it was unstable and worst of all stagnant. The majority of the populace was starving and hungry, they were oppressed by the situation, they were suffering. The so-called “savior and protector” of the masses left them and turn his back from the masses. With this scenario, people were clinging for change, asking for a transformation and most of all crying for a revolution! The revolution happened again in the historic Edsa Shrine. The people mostly the masses gathered in huge groups, showed their force and power, brought their moorings in the street and toppled the Estrada Administration! The problem is now solved for a short time because the masses did not foresee that the new leader that they have chosen is somewhat the same or even worst than that of Estrada. Because of their clamor for change, it somehow blinded them that Gloria Arroyo is another Erap Estrada. What Arroyo did during this time is to get the trust of the people, and she did at first. She depicted herself as the hope that the masses have been looking and waiting for. She made everyone believe that she is the change that the revolution yielded. During those times we were standing at the exact same point like where we were in the Estrada Administration. So the question is, what will the masses do? Are they ready for another social and political revolution? Or are they tired and old of it? As we can see, our history is based on what the middle class and the masses does or do. Like for example, during the Spanish-Filipino war the masses in the leadership of Andres Bonifacio fought for their freedom and liberty. They were successful and then came a new society in the arms of the Americans. Another example is what happened during the Edsa 1 revolution when the masses demonstrated their force and power in the streets that led to the downfall of a very powerful dictator. With these examples including the demise of Erap’s administration, we can see that the course of history is changed and influenced with what the middle class and the masses execute. Our history is in accordance to what these people decide to do. They are the majority, they have the capability, they are the real authors of our history. They have power over the elites but the problem is that, they don’t know how to use it, they don’t know when and some don’t know that they have what it takes to overthrow or overpower those elites that made them suffered and abused their rights for freedom, democracy and a life that is liberated from any prejudices. Now, we have a new President... New Administration... A President from a Powerful Political ELITE family... What will the Masses do? Whats next for them? Lets soon find out...


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