Saturday, February 5, 2011

What's wrong my Philippines?

We actually observe the same things, the never ending hypocrisy of the Filipino people, both from the elites and the masses... a circus of blind and selfish clowns... a theater of good performers... an avenue of evil.. a huge waste of time, a tiring scenario.. will it ever end? how? when? i dont know... as much as i dont want to loose my faith and hope for this country... i honestly say that sadly, im beginning to shatter and breakdown... does it mean that i'm afraid of accepting the fact that hope and faith is not part of the equation? is it hard for me to accept the reality that the country that i am fighting for is not fighting beside me? that the country i'm fighting for aims towards the opposite of my journey for a better philippines? I hope not.. I dont want to feel sorry and regret fighting for my heritage, my countrymen and most of all my being a Filipino...

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