Monday, January 31, 2011

Philippine Music, ORIGINAL or NOT?

At present, we have been criticized for being more interested and appreciative to Western music. Also, we can see that almost all our local artists are into revivals and covers of Western music as well and because of this, many foreign people criticizes Filipinos for being copycats and most of all being trying hard Westerners. These criticisms are often seen in websites such as Youtube and more. Does this mean that we really don’t have anything original? Or is the famed Original Filipino Music or OPM a false representation of Philippine Music? Is Philippine Music now in oblivion? Well for me, I believe that Philippine Music is still at its best shape despite of the criticisms thrown to it. Even if majority of our present artists are keen into reviving and doing covers of a foreign song, we must take note that the artists makes it as his or her own song by giving a different attack on the song; changing the delivery of the song, adding instruments that showcases Philippine instruments and beats, by adding other elements that is Filipino in nature and more adept to Philippine culture. Also, not all of our artists revive foreign music because there are still a lot of Filipino artists who composes original songs and melodies that are appreciated by the Filipino masses. Examples of these are the compositions of Ryan Cayabyab, Louie Ocampo, Ogie Alcasid and many more. And as I can see it, the modern way of colonization by the foreign oppressors is through their music that breaks through the local markets of the different countries in the world like the Philippines. And like before, there are still Filipinos who give importance to their own music, who still believe in the importance of Philippine music and who is willing to do something in order to protect and preserve it against the foreign music who slowly affects our local music scene. I am confident with the Philippine Music especially on my own observation with its present stand in the society, it dominates the airwaves, it dominates the hit charts, it dominates the concert scenes, and it dominates sales records. Our very own music is still alive and kicking butts and hopefully this trend will continue not only to preserve, protect and revive Philippine Music but also it is a way of remembering and giving importance with the contributions and sacrifices of the early Filipinos who fought for freedom and who gave their all for the sake of Nationalism!


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