Monday, January 31, 2011

My life: Moral in my own right..

As we all know, throughout human history, communities have been concerned with the type of person that children become. That is why throughout this time, the role of adults, especially parents, in children's moral development has been very important. Parents influence their children's moral development by first examining what is meant by morality in childhood like what my mom and dad did! They taught me to distinguished characteristics or behaviors that are morally good or bad by orienting me in my young age, to develop my self-control and to have compliance and self-esteem for myself. All i can say is that this helped me so much; these characteristics and behaviors they imparted to me became one of the foundations of my moral being and made me the person i am now. But as i grew up, i met new people, joined groups and organizations that i can say made a huge impact in my life...

Because for many young people like me, before i had not known my true identity yet; who i am and my vision of what i can become, it is either practically nonexistent yet or distorted. As a result, many values that my parents taught me were imparting and dont seem to take root and later adopting my peers and groups personality and slowly becoming a permanent part of my character. Some of these strong influences in my life are my peers, media and groups and organizations i joined and i honestly know that some of these influences may redefine my future and teach false values that will lead me to seek short-term, counterfeit objectives palmed off as success but certainly i can make IWAS.


If i start to live my life not in accordance with theirs, when i start to make decisions on my own without any of these influences manipulating me... but my mind is rebottling my opposing ideas!


Because, one of the strongest desires of any young person is to be accepted and approved by friends, to reach certain significance among peers! So if ever i choose to go against what they want... they might start disliking me or disowning me in their lives!!! oh man... its damn hard!!! It's natural for young people wanting the acceptance of their friends and peers. But all too often a condition for that acceptance involves the temptation to lower standards taught at home or church. Such temptation, and the pressure for acceptance can be stronger than a teen's conscience. The short-term pay off is achieving some status with friends but the consequences may be DESTRUCTIVE and DETRIMENTAL habits for some... such as smoking, alcohol, drugs, and premarital sex... and that is what happened to me!!! but the only thing is that i don't perceive that these habits are destructive to my system as a person... haha... Peer pressure, along with the effects of some of these behaviors, often results for some young people to get lower grades at school... but in my case, i still tend to have high grades and pass school! 

And for me, i'm happy, satisfied and contented for what i have now... what i mean is that i am already pleased with my life, my family, my friends, everything in my life whether some people, the church, the standards of the society degrades my personality because of the moral and conduct rooted in my system... IT DOESNT MATTER AT ALL! 

because at the end of the day, it is still me who can only say it is all worthid!


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